360 Security Lite Speed Boost

An all-in-one optimizer to leave your Android as good as new




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360 Security Lite Speed Boost helps you improve your device performance with just two clicks. This app increases the performance speed, stops any viruses or malware, and gets rid of useless trash files that only take up space.

The interface is divided into three windows that contain 360 Security Lite Speed Boost’s three basic functions. The first tab, the accelerator, gets rid of processes that waste resources unnecessarily. This window shows you your smartphone’s percentage of used of memory, the number of apps using up the bulk of your memory, and its general state. Just click on the main button to gain a little more free RAM.

The second window has tools to clean and get rid of the trash files that pile up in your smartphone such as the cache, residual elements from uninstalled apps and other invisible files. Before eliminating anything, 360 Security Lite Speed Boost shows you a list of everything you could delete so you can pick what stays and what goes yourself.

The third window protects your device from any malware attacks, meaning even if it’s been infected, 360 Security Lite Speed Boost gets rid of any possible problems and avoids future infections. Using this feature is just as easy: just click on the main icon to start the process. Improve your device's performance, get rid of garbage, and avoid virus problems with just one click.
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